Friday, 11 March 2011

Fill in the blanks...

Well a newbie blogger like me surely shouldn't be pushed too hard.  I'm as fresh as a newly laid egg and as green as the grass on the hills where blogging is concerned.  When I was invited to take part in a fill in the blanks I was at a complete loss.  Me - do that ..? Well thanks to Kate at The Five Fs who clearly knew I needed a gentle shove and a push here it is...

I am first and foremost a Mum to 3 big peeps who are doing an amazing job of furrowing their way through life but this did leave me somewhat thumb twiddling.  In light of this I found twitter (where have you been all my life), I started this blog (we're still getting acquainted) and I've returned to uni (I've missed you so!).  I'm ESTJ (for anyone who is as fascinated with Myers Briggs as I am) and if you've not stopped reading at that point I'm also a novice baker (and I'm not even being modest when I say that).  I joke that I am Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way - well a girl has to have a dream doesn't she.

The bravest thing I've ever done is to ride Dragon Khan with my three at PortAventura some years ago.  It was scary and I really thought we were all going to die (ok ok, so I'm a bit of a scaredy cat...).   I also have a fear of flying - surely that much metal shouldn't be in the sky?  How - come on, how?  I usually rely on a visit from the wine fairy to take my mind off the impending doom that surely awaits me... us.  Why is everyone else not scared? 

I feel prettiest when I get dressed up to go out.  I love the actresses of the silver screen, they always looked so gorgeous and nothing less than spectacular. I wish I could look half as good as them.

Something that keeps me awake at night is waiting for the sound of the front door and counting in my children - oh and pretending to be asleep.  Even though they are big peeps, it's a relief to know they are home safe and sound.  The other thing that keeps me awake is the bird that sits on the tree outside my bedroom window and has the loudest chirp in the world. Fact!  Ducks are just so much more respectful!

My favourite meal is anything from egg and chips with bread and butter (no frilly skirts on the egg please) right through to any vegetarian Thai dishes.  Rumble tums...!

The way to my heart is... to intrigue, inspire and amuse me. 

I would like to be a Charlies Angel!  This has been my lifelong ambition (well since I was about 7) and I fear it is something I'll still be striving for should I be lucky enough to grow old and grey.  I'd like to a better blogger or maybe a writer. Oh yes and an actor or what about a songwriter.... Or maybe a model, or a singer - ok sublime to the ridiculous I know.... I'll just stick with a Charlie's Angel.

Now as part of the task of writing this blog post, I need to pass it on to others so that they might replicate it on their blogs and link it back.  My selected few are....


If you'd like to join in then go on go on go on..

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