Monday, 27 June 2011

How does it work..?

My youngest son declared he would like a record player for his birthday.  Yes a real record player - not a cd player or an ipod but a record player.  So off I went to various shops to check out what they had in the way of 'record players'.  I faced a few 'no sorry' responses along with one assistant who talked to me like I shouldn't be allowed out alone and chose a very condescending tone... 'is it for your hi-fi love'!  I quickly replied 'no it's for my very hip and cool son's birthday, he's 20'.  It suddenly dawned on me that neither 'hip' nor 'cool' are adjectives that will ever sound out loud as good as they do in my head. I left!

The birthday came and the stereo I'd (eventually) found complete with cd drawer (is it called a drawer?), usb and ipod thingies (you know - thingies) was much appreciated but I had failed to buy any records to play.  So we dug out my Grease double LP from a few *coughs* years ago as it was the only one in the house and I gave it to him to put it on - reminding him of it's sentimental value.  It was hard to hand John Travolta over but it was my duty as a mother. I'm still in therapy.

My son looked at the record and then the stereo and then the record again - I was surprised that he may not know how to work this machine that was so familiar to me and despite my intense desire to take over and give demonstrations, I just threw a few prompts in here and there and let him play with his new toy.  The record was soon playing.  Later his older brother appeared and was duly given an overview by the birthday boy, both sat kneeling on the floor looking at the record rotating enabling Frankie Valli to join us and we are now very sure that Grease is the word, is the word is the word.  Friends popped in and questions arose such as 'how to you know which song is which, what button do you press to get it to move on to the next song, how do you get that scratchy sound (gasp - should I rescue JT now?), what's this 45-33 button for - ohhh, I see....'. 

It has brought many a smile as I watched them fascinated and inquisitve and it reminded of when they were little boys again opening presents full of interest and excitement.  It wasn't my birthday but it made my day (and then some). 

It also reminded me of the record player that we used to have when I was young.  I found this (for display only) item in the window of the YMCA charity shop in Preston town centre and texted it to the birthday boy who wanted me to go in and negotiate it's purchase!! For those of you who remember having one will rejoice in the delight of stacking it with lots of records and sitting back to enjoy. Here it is - isn't it lovely!


  1. Anonymous28 June, 2011

    Well done you! Little elf and I have a regular ritual where she chooses a record - entirely by the sleeve - and we put it on. And dance. She's three. Both she and dudelet are growing up in a vinyl enabled household.

    I remember many happy hours hooking together every stereo in the house when I was a teenager. Not so sure the neighbours found them as happy.

  2. Love your ritual, nothing better than a bit of vinyl. Mmm bet the neighbours 'loved' you lol