Thursday, 29 December 2011

Listography - Top 5 things that make Christmas Christmas.

Well here's my maiden voyage into the world of Listography and what better a theme...

1.     A full nest.
All my brood are home, the house is full and noisy.

2.     Food
Never is my fridge as stuffed as it is at Christmas.  The only thing is it stays that way for a week as we painstaking make our way through it all.  I never learn but I don't think i'm on my own.

3.     Seeing family
Christmas is the time the wider family all meet up, exchange summarised stories of what we've done since last Christmas and say the usual 'we mustn't leave it till next Christmas till we see each other again'. Never happens.

4.     Comedians
Santa always brings DVDs and always a comedian for us to watch Christmas day evening.  That moment when you are so full that you think you will either explode or fall asleep, the comedian comes to the rescue. Last year, John Bishop. This year Peter Kaye.

5.     Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year.  It involves a good film, some nibbles and a couple of glasses of sparkly in the evening whilst waiting for the brood to get home.  Then I know I can lock the doors and go to bed knowing that Santa is ok to visit now.

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