Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Ultimate Christmas Meme

My favourite Christmas song of all...

You can't go wrong with a little bit of Chris Rea and Driving Home for Christmas.....

Hot chocolate, egg nog or mulled wine? 

Well a couple of weeks before Christmas I went to the Manchester Christmas markets with the lovely @Greeny_bird and we tried and tested the mulled wine.  Cherry and Blueberry to be exact.  Here's the proof...

When do you put your decorations up?
Usually a week before Christmas but this year it was 2 weeks and the tree is still looking good.  We always choose a big tree, it's compulsory.

What are you having for Christmas dinner?
We had Nigella's glazed gammon.  Turkey has been off our menu for many years and as I don't eat meat I let the brood choose.  So gammon it was.  We had garlic and chilli sea bass for starters, gammon and all the trimmings and then lemon cheesecake and cream to finish off.  There was also sticky toffee pudding but no one could manage it and it's currently sat in the fridge shouting my name.  I shall resist for now...  Later in the evening when guests came I put together a cheese board.  Sadly I've overdone the cheese buying and there are wedges upon wedges sat with the sticky toffee pudding that have still not been touched.  Does cheese freeze?

What's your favourite Christmas tradition?
Christmas Eve has always been my favourite day.  I like to enjoy it, sit back with a good film and nibbles and let the excitement of what's in store build. 

Have you ever gone Carol singing?
Yes as a child but never since.  My singing sounds pitch perfect in my head but to others, and I quote 'sounds like singing when you've got your hand stuck in the toaster'.  I think that explains things well enough.

When did you discover the truth about Santa?
I can honestly say that as far as I can remember I've known the truth.  Mum says a boy down the road told me when I was little. That's boys for you!

How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?
Well when the brood were knee high our tree would be adorned with the fabulously creative decorations they'd made at school.  Now, it's baubles, chains and a little tinsel. The picture doesn't do it justice and the top of the tree isn't in the picture as it's quite tall.  See above, compulsory.

All I want for Christmas is...
A full nest, Lobster and Fiorelli.  All achieved and lots more.  Thanks Santa :-)

Thanks to Kate over at The Five Fs Blog for the blogging push.  Appreciated *nods and winks*.

I'd like to tag two lovely people.  They haven't been asked so I hope they don't mind. 

Firstly my twitter friend Kate at Wit Wit Woo.  Kate took on the role of my blogging big sis recently and was a source of knowledge and inspiration.  Thankyou!

Secondly my lovely far flung friend Amanda @mulledred on twitter. Amanda crocheted her Christmas tree decorations and I still haven't seen a picture.  Maybe she'll blog them...

Feel free to join in and take part too. 

I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas and here's to a healthy and happy New Year.

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