Saturday, 7 July 2012

I Can't Wait

Well the tickets have arrived and i'm getting a tad excited.

I've been trying to think exactly what it is that I love the most about festivals.  Finding your spot to pitch your tent is important, a good view and a landmark are always good - especially for finding your tent late at night which can be a challenge after one or two obligatory Pimms.  Once the tent is up and you've unpacked your few essential belongings, repacked and then unpacked again (just me?) , it's time to sit down with a wine and pass the nibbles. This also serves as a great time to paint your nails, plait your hair or just blow bubbles whilst you plan your days.

Is it the fact that we don't cook, that our meals are ready to be purchased at any moment hunger strikes and washing up becomes obsolete?  Is it the amazing feeling you get from lying on the grass and watching clouds sweep across the sky, making shapes as they go? 

Or is it that no matter what's going on in the big bad world, I can't do anything to help?  I'm busy, away, incommunicado (mostly!), out of the loop.  I can't do anything constructive apart from look at the views and ponder about existence and being and stuff....

Oh and then there's the music.  I almost forgot the music.